Re-Inventing the Wheel?

Who Knew, it can be done!

Previously on CasinoSolutionPro.com we shared out some info on the new machine roulette game, showcased in Spain recently.

The ‘Zuum‘ manufactured machine, was then on show as the eight station variant, whereas today we can provide the latest promotional images of the newer twelve station unit, and more importantly a close up of the wheel itself.

As explained previously, the inventor, Jess Chavos-Munoz, realised that whilst the regular single zero and double zero standard roulette wheels were still popular in their own right. The new Millennial players actually have no interest in the ‘history’ of the old wheels and the strangely, almost cryptically, organised number sequences. In fact they actually feel more comfortable with a linear arrangement of numbers, and we just let the tried and tested odds do the rest.

The difference between the wheel type shown here and used now in the new multi-station version, is that the production machines come with Red & Blue coloured pockets, as a distinctive element to the old Red & Black versions common roulette wheels.

Other than that “It’s Roulette Jim, but not as we know it”.


The New ZUUM 12 Seater that would be available this summer 2017.

‘ZUUM’ 12 seater, available this summer. Only in this flavour, though possibly in different colours – well hopefully!

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