UKGC Swimsuit Edition!

Recent articles in the British press, such as The Sun and the Independent, have strongly supported comments made by the out going Sarah Harrison, CEO of the UKGC. Highly cited and often repeated was the phrase “Men representing their companies wearing expensive tailored suits whilst their female colleagues were expected to wear nothing more than swimsuits”. This was a reference to sexism within the gaming industry.

Point of order:

In nearly four decades of being in the gaming industry my female colleagues were rarely, if ever, asked to wear a uniform that I didn’t have an equivalent style of. The ladies shown below on the ‘endorphina’ stand are promo girls, not gaming professionals, the lady in the B&W picture was in training to become an Olympian Synchronised swimmer – both in swimsuits, both wearing make-up and unfortunately, all potentially objects of base male desire, but that is where it stops.

Other observations:

I don’t know if, let’s call them ‘Nadia’ and ‘Tasha’ on the pole, are studying at night for Accountancy, Java programming or just waste their evenings snorting Columbian marching dust. Though I suspect to be a professional Pole dancer a high level of core strength is a must, so maybe the drugs would be improbable.

I do know that my own Wife was a promo girl, before she became a Croupier and then had the misfortune to marry me. Her opinions about sexism in the casino industry are legendary in some of the casinos she’s worked in, and her attitudes to Promotional girls at the ICE Show do not chime with Ms. Harrison’s nor with Clarion.

I also know that just because you start your professional life in a swimsuit, it does not mean that you have low or improper moral standards, nor does it mean that your doomed to be solely an object of desire or objectification. 

For those of you who do not recognise the lady in the B&W picture, go to Wikipedia and type in Ms. Christine Lagard. Since she was the Minister of Finance for France I’ve always been a bit of a fan of hers, but I have just re-read her Bio. Gosh; impressive is too small a term.

So I’ll repeat one item, Forbes ranks her as the fifth most powerful woman on the planet; not bad for girl in a swimsuit.

So feel free to keep swinging at the ball Ms. Harrison in your sexism quest, though I should mention that last time I checked Parliament didn’t put social remodelling into the Gaming Act, so perhaps the two should not be conflated.

Finally, whilst I’m on the subject of ladies in swimsuits being photographed and ogled. There’s a current FloTUS who didn’t do too badly from being objectified once either……………..

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