Social Gaming – NOT OR Social Gaming – YES!

Monetization of none standard games.

The perennial bar room argument about who should have been on the bench, who should have been transferred and ‘what was the manager thinking?’ has now evolved into fully fledged Fantasy Sport leagues for everything it seems – but why?

Draftkings Fanduel LogoIt would be glib to say that Alpha males want to win all the time, so, they make up games and combative elements to continuously re-enforce their position to make that possible. Especially now, when females engage just as hard and are just as good as the males, when they chose to be. Bottom line is; it seems the competitive urges we feel are all part of our evolution, and digital social gaming are just another step along that path.

What’s different in today’s digital space though, is the level of data that can be employed in our social gaming. We exist in a World of data collection, analysis and extrapolation; we can also create alternative worlds, where the real World data can be utilised, made to fit a different reality (fantasy), which we now control. Gosh, we’re now all gods!

This god is female

A quick check, via Wikipedia reveals it. Though whilst the data is not the latest, the trends are still the same. Most of the social gaming gamers are in fact not spotty ‘betweener’ males, but the ladies. Yep, a quick double check on my Facebook pages and it seems the only ones who send me regular requests for Candy Crush Saga, are the women in my contact list!Ladies playing social games via a tablet In fact the Demographic is very interesting. The average age is forty-three (43yrs), so definitely not the Xbox generation then. The biggest cross sectional demographic is thirty to fifty-nine (30 – 59yrs), and that it is sixty percent (60%) female. Important elements in Social Gaming sites/games are the ‘Community’, ‘Non-Victory Conditions’ and the use of ‘Virtual Currency’. What’s a Non-Victory Condition? Good question.

The Non-Victory Condition in game use, means that we don’t have to ‘Win’ to be able to leave a game, so ‘Sims’ is such a game. This allows players to come and go in the game play as their time permits. In regard to the use of Virtual Currency, we don’t mean BitCoin here. In game virtual currencies are frequently used for upgrades and the like. Which can be effected through real World payments into your game account, or earned by play, but that’s the hard way: Social Gaming Network

So what’s with the hook on these games, and the intensity of involvement, and why now?

Cross Platform and Mobile connectivity

Rumour has it that the first Cross Platform social gaming networking wasn’t created before 2011. Which fits perfectly with the recent massive growth in Mobile connectivity. So it seems technology has enabled us to play FaceBook games on the phone as well as Candy Crush Saga and FarmVille. Meanwhile, whilst AngryBirds is a tad tricky on a hand set, it’s super fun on a tablet.Angry Bird


Whilst buying an upgrade or even trading weapons in other games through ‘skins’ can be treated as getting money into and out of the games, it’s not the big stuff. For the big money we need to look at the big data games. By which I mean the real sports sites who collect up, or rather hoover up. The meta data required to re-create a fantasy World of the most popular team games which you can then design to your hearts content – and bet on it!

Sorry, I mean forecast the outcome. After all how can we bet on something that doesn’t exist?

Einstein? Wouldn’t have him on my team…………

The people who created DraftKings and FanDuel, DailyFantasyFootball and the like are definitely a cut above the average Intelligence Quotient. From the start, they knew the success or failure of their projects depended on the accuracy and immediate availability of the information they were compiling.

Though more importantly, they knew the most important element was the ‘wet-ware’ analysis the players themselves brought to the games. Creating a programme structure which could also analyse what the players were doing with the data, and further how the then new gaming structures interacted between themselves; then analysing that data. That’s the real Mother Load.

Albert EinsteinTo continue with the sporting imagery. Most people are very good at predicting where a ball will bounce and move to next. Thus allowing even a donkey like me to play an average game of tennis. Good sporting types can take this standard skill up a level. So they can predict where the ball will bounce to after the second bounce. The real stars though, the real stars, these are the ones who ‘know’ where the ball will be after the forth bounce and spotted the divot already where the forth bounce will occur!

This is what makes the software tools in these gaming programmes so clever. Real World data, at meta data levels, is being provided to thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of skilled (mostly) sports enthusiasts, then whilst the games are in play the outcome options are all being re-analysed in real time to adjust the potential outcomes.

Simply put, if a soccer player is in declining performance in the real world, don’t start him off. Substitute them at half time, or the programme will do you, as will the other gamers.

Valery Bollier - CEO and Co-founder at OulalaGames

Valery Bollier

Believe it or not Oulala is actually a real company in the fantasy gaming area. By near pure accident a few years ago I was at a presentation where they made a pitch. I knew nothing about fantasy sports until Valery Bollier the CEO and his team spoke, and after they finished I was pretty stunned. The volumes of data, the predictive tools that can be developed from that and how people are now utilising it.

Once enough players are using the games, the data they use, and how they deploy the data can be used to predict the future events in the real games back into the real World. Not with 100% accuracy of course, though with a higher level of accuracy than other existing predictive tools were achieving.

Players interactions with data, actually increases the predictive algorithms accuracy in the next phase.

Binary Options are trading, not gambling…… yeh, right!

Humour me; re-read the last paragraph above. Done that? Good.

You may, over the last couple of years have been bombarded by, sorry, ‘offered’, the chance to play the markets in Trading Binary CalculatorBinary Options. In fact there may even have been an offer of a ‘Bonus’ to try to get you to join the party. Money for free, wonderful! Fancy that, free money. You’d best re-check that paragraph above. The more ‘players’, the more predictive accuracy.

Except, you don’t get the predictive updates in real-time, they do. The paid for corporate account holders do, but not you. The public player gets the offer spread to engage the trades, the market updates (after the traders) and the settlement options or close point.

In micro-seconds of your action, and the actions of the other thousands of punters. A counter bid can be struck against your position, if you adjust, in another micro-second another counter bid can be re-struck against your change.

Social Gaming In The World of Cricket Batsman!Bouncing Ball.

Recall the sportsman and the bouncing ball? Well if you don’t get a chance to see the ball bounce in real-time and the opponent does – it’s difficult for you to win.

Social Gaming – Yes.

Bit dark the last part I know, though playing your favourite team sport in fantasy format can be, and in the main is, a very enjoyable past-time. Keep the bets at what you can sustain and afford. Just remember, it’s not just ‘luck’ that will win you that title. Oh, and Trading the Binary Markets – that should be left to the professionals.

Have Fun Out There!

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