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Online Casino Slot Review: Star Trex

For those of us of a certain age, the image of Capt. James T. Kirk battling it out ‘Mano et Dino’, so to speak, will always be there in the warm depths of our childhood memories. Well now for your gaming enjoyment PlayPearls presents a bunch of Robo-Raptors sans James T. of course; but you get where the name links in now.

So we have Dinosaurs, Space Ships and Gambling, what is there not to like there?PlayPearls Logo

Actually that was not a set-up for a massive smack down, in fact this game has very little not to love, some great inter-active Bonus games, Free spins and a frequent hit rate. The animations are pretty cool too, the pre-release version I played did have one niggle, the audio of the ‘Wild’ symbol was slightly out of sync with the character when ‘Space Trex’ roars. When you get down to this level of OCD about a game feature, maybe it’s time to up the dosage!

Slot Game Play:

So at the nuts n’ bolts level this game is a Five Reel, Three Row and Twenty-Five line video slot. Now the base game is fixed at 25 Lines, so the minimum play is 25 x 10c, this might seem a tad high for some, but the positive side is, that the player maximises the chance to hit, and you will never have that frustrating ‘near miss’ event here.

There is a fair selection of Win multipliers too, and following in the Dino theme, we have ‘Parabella’  who can phase out into a ‘cloaked’ state. Whereas ‘Biceratops’ has obviously spent too long in the cooler and has a habit of head-butting the screen. I’m guessing here, but a think the prison ship these two ne’er-do-wells escaped from is the space station symbol, which is a multiplier as well. The other win symbols are the standard, though well drafted Ace, King, Queen and Jack.

Wild Bonus

‘Space Trex’ is the aforementioned Wild symbol and in general and Bonus round play is actually you, the player. So I hope your a fan of cigars, bad dental work and heavy artillery!

As noted before there are multiple extras with this game. Free Spins – awarded in batches of 10.

Then there is the ‘Space Hunt’ Bonus, with a ship seemingly from GalaxyQuest. Where the option is to pick six planets and Warp off to them to retrieve the wins.

Note to graphics designer – Warp speed is not achieved via a chemical based thruster! (Opps, there’s the OCD again)

The other Bonus is the ‘Galactic Duel’. Here good old ‘Space Trex’ (you), gets to blast away at ‘Pedro Dactylus’, who appears to keep his brain in a back pack and yes, I think I’ve met some of his relatives! The feature concludes when, usually Pedro kills you off, though sometimes you Win the jackpot total. Which is a good achievement as the JP is pretty solid. This Bonus has the advantage that it can be clicked through, so speeding up the animation and result point.

Good Game!

Well any new game that only produces a couple of small comments is pretty good by my grading system, with the added benefits of this being fun too. Enjoy.

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