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Going Dutch?

Almost exactly one month ago, CasinoSolutionPro reported on the latest and newest innovation to hit the Roulette game scene in many a year – in fact in over a century.

The ‘123Roulette’™ wheel goes live very soon in two major and important jurisdictions, but next week there is the ‘Sixth Annual Gaming in Holland Conference’, hosted at the “Hallen”, and so the next new thing is being released there now – called ‘Dutch Roulette’.

Presented from the ‘Dutch Roulette Design’ Stand and created by Mr. Jaap Bouma, it bridges the classic Croupier based table game with the electronic on-line versions.

Now here at CasinoSolutionPro, we know a thing or three about gaming innovations and new game roll outs. They’re tricky to get right for market, they’re difficult to create market share for and frequently a very short run thing to boot. So we sincerely wish Jaap all the best at the show and of course hope that Gaming in Holland is a success for all the participants, sponsors and organisers.

The Beef:

Okay, so this isn’t really about Mr. Bouma’s product, it’s about a feature writer using words like ‘Revolutionary’, ‘new’ and ‘experience’ in the same sentence for a product which is not revolutionary. The ‘123Roulette’™ wheel, now that is. Nobody has done that before.

‘New’, new? Really? The latest iteration, the newest to the market – yep, I’d agree there, but from the wheel and layout images, it’s not ‘New’. It’s the same Mouse-Trap, with a different coloured spring!

‘Experience’; well that’s the thing about experiences, they’re subjective and as an experience they must be gauged first hand (please refer back to the market comments).

The Take-away:

So press releases and marketing blurb are always cresting just before a show date, but we’re all very busy these days, so if you want to grasp, hold and retain attention make sure there is validity to the sentences we construct.

Jaap wants, in fact needs, folks to visit his stand to try out his product. Though once the reader has seen the wheel used is a standard roulette wheel, with a layout bearing the standard wager options, they are unlikely to beat a path to his door. Which would be a great shame. He like all innovators, he needs the chance to to make that ‘1st. Impression’, and erroneously written pieces don’t help with that.

Place your Bets & Good Luck

To all the Exhibitors and Visitors to the ‘Sixth Annual Gaming In Holland Conference’ we here at CasinoSolutionPro wish you safe travels and good times; especially in these times.


Gaming In Holland Newsletter June 7th


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