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BitCoin Meetup Malta 2017Last week was something of an eye-opener for me. It’s one thing to read a media bye-line spouted by a politician about preparing for the digital future, but it’s another to have attended and been part of back to back events all firmly showing the way forward for Malta, A.I., Crypto-currencies and the human spirits willing everything on.

Starting in reverse order, Friday evening was the third occasion of a Bitcoin meetup Malta event, and that’s what the numbers above refer to. The first meeting was four people, second around forty, with this meeting, held at the Meridien Hotel, being standing room only and well worth attending.

The speaker was Patrick L. Young a most informative and machine gun like the talker, whose comprehensive knowledge and vast experience leaves the listener with a much deeper understanding of the future of finance in as short a space as humanly possible.

Patrick made insightful historical references to Copernicus and his then heretical theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Complete tosh, of course, all my mates in the Flat earth society know that; but at the time, it was as revolutionary as today’s advocates of Cryptocurrencies and how Fiat currencies are similarly quasi-religious shell game perpetrated by the modern States.

Young's Hypothesis

How soon till this is a ‘Law’?

ATM Bitcoin CashIf you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, I strongly recommend it. He is also an author of some note, with ‘The World’s most influential people in market structure’ being the latest published.

Naturally, there was a fair degree of interest in the technology, and it was functioning. The scanning facility was interesting, where the smartphone displays the wallet information and the machine can then be instructed on the purchase/sale options available.

Cash and cards were also excepted and several made purchase transactions right there and then.

The previous evening had also been an eye-opener:

A networking event was held by Alibaba Cloud International at the Hilton Hotel. Introduced by the Malta Gaming Authority CEO. Mr Joseph Cuschieri, with a formal introduction from Mr Yeming Wang of Alibaba and a speech by Hon. Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation.

Long story short, the Alibaba Cloud and data solutions are going to be at the forefront of the next technology wave here in Malta. Having such a heavy hitter based here will certainly help drive the already rapidly growing online gaming and gamer segments of the Maltese economy.

Also recently announced was the purchase detailed below, again in the gaming space.

Inside the presentation, there was also Artificial Intelligence thrown into the mix. Which for the online casino operators can be a vital tool for the benefit of the operators – smart marketing for example, but also for the players. Real-time Responsible Gaming monitoring with smart ‘nudge’ notices are a much better way to protect the client. As Granny used to say “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Busy Bee

During the speech by the Hon. Silvio Schembri, he remarked that only that morning he had inaugurated for the Malta Lands Registry the first Blockchain application. As you might know, we here at are pretty keen on all things Blockchain. So to have a real World use being created so quickly here in Malta just shows how fast the future really is coming our way.

Whilst on that note, only a few days before all of the excitement reported on above, the Malta Gaming Authority announced a ‘Sand Box’ test. 

So far from being stuffy old Civil Servants, it appears the MGA are getting right in there and seeing how the BlockChain et al can be utilised, regulated and adapted to the gaming industries needs here in Malta – a digital adventure indeed.

Keeping you posted, and keeping you up to date – CSP.


Bitcoin Meetup Malta and guest Patrick L. Young

BMIT, Alibaba Cloud and the MGA


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