Best and Worst Casino Bets on the Side

Casino Bets – A Little side bet perhaps?

As if we don’t lose our money fast enough in the casino, they have to go and offer us even more ways to damage the stack. What is it with Side Casino Bets? Are they all bad?

Side action bets on a Roulette game are not the same things as a ‘side bet’, side action bets are more properly known as Outside Chance Bets, and these are simplified bets derived from the whole game and reflect close to the true odds. For way of example, think Red/Black or Odd/Even, both of which play 1:1 when occurring.

Nope, a ‘Side Bet’ is a totally separate wager to the original game and frequently uses a different mathematical model to the host game. One rule of thumb to be guided by; no casino ever offered a bet which wasn’t in favour of the House, so any side bet will always have a higher percentage for the House than the base game, or the extra time taken by the staff to handle the action would not be cost effective and profitable.

Live Casino Roulette and On-Line Live Roulette

Casino Bets -Roulette Bets Side Roulette has many betting options and so Side Bets are not greatly in demand or favoured by the players. There’s quite enough going on with the betting options on the table layout. Double Zero American Roulette doesn’t have ‘Section’ or ‘Neighbour’ bets like it’s daddy, European (French) Roulette does. Though both games can be supplied with additional side action bets which are derived from where in an area of the wheel the ball lands. Two now defunct examples of these are ‘Racing Roulette’ and ‘AstroRoulette’.

The first had six sections in different colours above the standard numbers which covered six numbers together on the actual wheel (6 x 6 = 36), whereas the second version had the twelve Astrological symbols printed on the wheel dome above the numbers, and each of these covered three numbers each (12 x 3 = 36). These two versions, as you can deduce, still gave the ‘House’ it’s thirty-seventh number – Zero of course and paid 5:1 and 11:1 respectively. Nothing different to a standard Six-line and Street wager. So little real novelty here and as you read in the last paragraph ‘now defunct’. No, roulette as a game has quite enough options all on it’s own.

Live Dealt Casino Blackjack and On-Line dealt Blackjack

 The table game of Blackjack on the other hand is a crowded field for the subject of Side Bets, so many in fact, I’m not even going to try to list or discuss them all.

Much better that you visit ‘The Wizard of Odds’ website and more specifically: Appendix 8.

Now, there is a pretty good reason this game has so many side bets – it’s boring. More accurately, when played strictly to Basic Strategy and with tight bank-roll control it’s deadly boring, and only pays out at 1:1, unless you get that famous ‘BlackJack’.

Of course for the Pro’s, then it does provide a potential opportunity to get an edge over the House, however, acquiring that skill is boring too. More importantly, if you take your gambling that seriously, you wouldn’t ever play the side bets – they have high odds against you, though of course the upside is a higher payout ratio as well.

So on the live dealt table game of Blackjack the Side bet options serves the two fold purpose of entertaining the casual player with another wagering option, and increasing the House edge.

Best Bet?
Casino Poker Best Bet

The Best Combination of playing Casino Poker.

21+3 is a Millennial side bet. Starting in the first years of this century it in fact combines elements of Poker and BJ. Your first two cards plus the dealers face up card. If these three, for example form a ‘Straight Flush’ (3 card only) then the payout is 9 to 1. Approx odds below – just don’t play the Xtreme version, that’s 13% House Edge.

21+3 @4% on 6 deck shoe

Perfect Pairs is found around the World. Defined by the name itself, a perfect pair is two of the same cards – two King of Hearts, for example. Coloured pair being the next highest hand, which would be one red queen of diamonds and one Queen of Hearts and finally, non-coloured pair.

Perfect Pairs at 4% but only with the right pay-table or it could be 10%! there are 4 versions

Worst of the Worst!

 Super Sevens Another side bet which is offered on-line with the internet casinos. Whilst it seems attractive due to the high odds payouts 5000 to 1 paid for three sevens suited, those big payouts come at a cost – only for drunken fun!

Super sevens @12%

Over/Under 13 A very popular side bet, two decades ago, and now fallen out of favour. Mainly as it’s return is 1:1, so nothing exciting.

Over/Under; difference here 10% for under and 6% for over (play only Over!)

Most Interesting

Buster Blackjack 6% House Edge, so middle ground here. Buster Blackjack – a strategic player can use this to offset breaking their own hand. Depends on the cost of play and the stakes your making on your box – plus what the dealers got showing of course.

Baccarat or On-Line Live Dealt Punto-Banco

Below is your best quick reference tool:

Baccarat Side Bets

The Wizard Of Odds Baccarat Bet Side

Another game with a huge loyal following and an equally big selection of side bets.

The most interesting in my opinion is the ‘Dragon Bonus’ bet. The differentiation between the Player house edge (2.7%) and the Banker house edge of (9.4%) is bigger than that between the standard wagers, and is so large that with correct staking control and appropriate betting after a run on the Bank, could be interesting.

Other bets introduced here with the on-line companies are really Blackjack bets, and should be treated with caution. Evolution and Playtech have ‘Perfect Pair‘ options and this holds @6% for the house. These have bugger all to do with Baccarat – avoid unless your running a stats analysis programme on the side.

Another bet ‘Super 6‘ is best totally left alone. Found on the commission free versions of the game, it holds @30% for the house – gag!

Caribbean Stud, Three Card, UltimateTexas, SuperTexas and Casino Hold’Em Poker

Yes all these have ‘Bonus‘ bets as side bet options. Which for those poker players who are reading this right Mike Shackleford of ‘Wizard of Odds’ now will know, just re-enforces the old poker players adage – “Play to be bored”.

Yes, it’s fun winning 1000 – 1 on a Royal Flush on SuperTexas, or even 5000 – 1 on Caribbean Poker; though the odds of it happening are long.

If I have a final word to say on the matter it’s what I said at the start; no casino ever offered a bet which wasn’t in favour of the House.

Though Mike Shackleford of ‘Wizard of Odds’ puts it much better in his ‘Ten Commandments’. Thanks Mike.

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