Beautiful Malta – Beautiful BitCoin – Beautiful Ladies – Beautiful SIGMA 2018

Beautiful SiGMA Show! On-Line Gaming event of the season, 2017 the beautiful edition.

Mr Eman Pulis, what can we all say, except Thank you!Eman Pulis - Founder & CEO, SiGMA

All the reports both read, posted and videoed about how great the SiGMa show was, how much business was transacted, and how professional the stands and presentation were are all true.

So here at CasinoSolutionPro, we took a step back, let the dust settle and contemplated the future.

For the gaming industry, and I’m even including the Cruise Gaming operations, Malta has been a very good place to be in 2017, and as we draw to a close now, it seems 2018 will continue the trend.

Malta Gaming Authority 

Early this year the Malta Gaming Authority regulated the Cruise ships facilities, so that the casinos could operate whilst docked, for the on-board guests.

By the year end, not only do we have the new, and hopefully, soon to be approved, licensing changes  Gazetted, but also the New EU AML Regulations passed into local law. Meanwhile experiments are being proposed for a ‘SandBox’ Blockchain trial with the MGA hoping to confirm the applicability of BlockChain technology for the industry.

Beautiful MALTA!

From the adverts being run by all, and I do mean all, the Recruitment companies both here and in the trades overseas, you’d be forgiven for thinking the header above is an internationally accepted fact; and whilst it’s not exactly ‘Fake-News’, it most certainly reflects the urgent needs of the operating companies here. There’s just not enough qualified staff available, so the agencies are doing whatever it takes to entice the missing & vital workers over to this sunny rock

This is also a good link to the lovely pictures below; and to paraphrase Noel Grey’s excellent Master of Ceremonies in the cult classic ‘Carabet’ –

HollyWood Casino, where even the HR manger (centre) is beautiful!

HollyWood Casino – Beautiful HR Manager

“The Presenters are beautiful, the Consultants are beautiful, even the Buses are beautiful!”

Denitza Dimitrova - DD Consultus

DDConsultus, another beautiful team!

And as for the Bus?  A real Diamond; thanks for the fun Michael Pederson and team, looking forward to the launch of ‘LetsBet’ in 2018.

Meanwhile on the stage at SiGMa.Letsbet Casino is a brand new casino experience A BOOM in 2018!

Another product that would be a great hit in 2018 is Betulator product! Betulator has a tendency to build it very straightforward to bet calculator your returns for any sort of bet you’ve got placed. You’ll figure single bets during to a lot of sophisticated bets like an impressive seven.

Betulator has you lined for all kinds of bets as well as every approach, doubles, accumulators of the many multiples. Betulator is unquie therein we have a tendency to come instant results for you promptly, see your come and profit modification straightaway as you increase or decrease you stake and alter your sort of bet.

Beautiful BitCoin! – Umm, not so fast…..Play on the emotions, play on the Fear.

Craig Wright (not Satoshi Nakamoto) presented some of his very interesting views on the subject d’jour – Bitcoin. Though of much more import, was the announcement that the code behind the blockchain will be released to all next year. Blockchain is coming to all the little coders – enjoy!

If FOMO from the cryptocurrency explosion wasn’t enough, then not being part of the VR revolution might be the thorn in your side next year.

Martin McDonald of Join Games, Demonstrating VR

Martin McDonald of Join Games, Demonstrating VR

Our 2018, Your Future

A wise one, once said, ‘Those who predict the future are fools’ so here at CasionSolutionPro, we’re going for a safety play.

There will be a 2018, and if it’s not as interesting as 2017, we’ll gladly be called ‘Fool’.

Be happy, if you can be, and stay healthy, if you can do.

Happy New Year from us all at CSP.

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